The Firm

Who we are

Todorov LLP law firm is fast growing full service commercial law firm, placed on the Bulgarian market. Our team provides large embracing legal services, intended to the business. We are advising multiple businesses in multiple sectors of the industry. We are consulting both local businesses as well as foreign investors. We provide full service assistance accompanying the commercial activities of our clients.

Why us

Precision in every detail is our work value. Available high qualified and experienced attorneys, forming a dynamic and propulsive team, are at your disposal. We are tending to propose multisectoral business driven solutions adapted to the specific needs of each unique client. Consulting you and choosing the convenient actions together. We are here to build safety and prevision for your projects.

Our values

Determined and creative

We have determined and very creative team. We aspire to go further beyond the common and the traditional approach of the issues.

Quality & precision

In our practice, we stress on no compromises with the best endeavors and the best legal diligences. The precision and the quality level are at permanent focus.

Work in team with you

We believe the client should be involved in our legal work on his case and should feel informed at every stage. Our common work permits you to take the best informed decisions.

Business aware solutions

We understand that the business requires business aware solutions. So we concentrate on a business approach of every legal issue.

Prevision and safety

We anticipate the issues which may arise from the business activity so we can prepare in advance our clients to be aware thereof and better address them.

The unique client

Every client is our unique client. We believe every client has its special needs and deserves our special attention to understand the client’s priorities and to find the most convenient solutions.